U.S. ecommerce sales by merchant type

“Retail Chains made the biggest gains, increasing their share of Top 1000 sales to XX% in 2022 from XX% in 2019. The share of Web Only retailers slipped to XX% from XX%. Amazon, which represents more than three-fourths of the sales of the Web Only retailers, declined to XX% of Top 1000 sales in 2022 from XX% in 2019. The share of the 427 other Web Only retailers fell more sharply, to XX% in 2022 from XX% three years earlier. That growth could not be sustained once the pandemic and its restrictions eased and consumers returned to stores. And it wasn’t. In 2022, the Top 1000 collectively increased online sales by only XX%, the first year since the deep 2008-2009 recession that Top 1000 percentage growth fell into single digits. Consumer Brand Manufacturers posted the sharpest growth in 2022 at XX% followed by retail chains at XX%.

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