How the business-to-business ecommerce market fared in 2019 and where it’s headed in 2020

B2B ecommerce grew year over year by 18.2% in 2019 to $1.3 trillion. But COVID-19 has permanently altered the direction of U.S. B2B ecommerce. And big questions remain, such as: By how much and how fast will B2B ecommerce grow in 2020? Who will be the digital commerce winners and losers, as B2B buyers and sellers of all sizes form their ecommerce strategies to fit a post-coronavirus world?

This Key Findings from the 2020 B2B Ecommerce Market Report gives you a sneak peek at the full B2B Ecommerce Market research report, and helps provide answers to these tough questions. This includes over a dozen data-packed chats, an analysis of analysis of B2B ecommerce market growth, and the trendsetters shaping the future of B2B ecommerce.

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