While IT pros overall are experiencing a relatively tight job market, those with B2B ecommerce and AI expertise are seeing stronger demand for their services, technology consultancy Janco Associates says.

The unemployment rate for IT pros rose to 5.9% in June, about 44% higher than the 4.1% U.S. national unemployment rate, according to a report from Janco Associates Inc., a consulting firm concerned with information technology trends.

Ecommerce and B2B linkages are areas of particular focus.
Victor Janulaitis, CEO
Janco Associates Inc.

In June, “layoffs at big tech companies continued to hurt overall IT hiring,” Janco says, adding, “Large high-tech firms continue to lay off to have better bottom lines. Included in that group of companies that have recently announced new layoffs are Microsoft and Google.”

The 5.9% June IT unemployment rate is up from under 4.0% in March, when it was slightly less than the overall unemployment rate, Janco’s data reports show.

But there’s better news on the B2B ecommerce front, especially for IT professionals with AI skills, Janco says.

Although Janco didn’t break out ecommerce job numbers, it has learned that many employers are striving to cut costs by operating more efficiently — and are looking for IT workers who can help develop AI-powered applications and B2B ecommerce connections to boost revenue and profits.


“From our interviews, data, and analysis, we see that many organizations are looking to improve their bottom lines,” Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco, said in an email reply to Digital Commerce 360.

He added that companies realize that IT has some of the highest costs per FTE (full-time equivalents), including contractors and consultants.

“The mean compensation for IT staff now is $103,692 across all organizations,” Janulaitis said.  “If you add contractors and consultants, that number gets closer to $150,000.”

Relying on AI and ecommerce for automation

“Chief information officers are focused on using AI to automate functions like customer support, exception reporting, and routine management of legacy applications,” Janulaitis said. “As that occurs, the number of FTEs is reduced.”


He added that, to develop AI applications, CIOs must hire or retain consultants or contractors who can quickly develop and deploy AI and machine learning solutions.

“Ecommerce and B2B linkages are areas of particular focus,” he said. “Individuals with those skills and experience are in high demand and quickly find jobs.”

Janulaitis added that, unfortunately, IT pros without AI skills are being left out of areas with stronger employment demand.

“Traditional legacy IT pros are another case, and the high unemployment rates hit them directly.”


Paul Demery is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. [email protected].

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