The digital supply chain technology company says it has invested nearly $1 billion since Q4 2023 on an “end-to-end” supply chain system designed to enhance collaboration among manufacturers and their customers.

Blue Yonder has its sights set on a broader horizon in the business of digitally transforming supply chains.

Supply chains have become more complex ... and there is an increased demand for the sharing of information and resources across the whole value chain.
Duncan Angove, CEO
Blue Yonder

Last week, the provider of supply chain, fulfillment and delivery management systems agreed to acquire supply chain technology company One Network Enterprises for approximately $839 million.

The deal follows two other recent acquisitions Scottsdale, Arizona-based Blue Yonder made to enhance digital supply chain operations: flexis AG, a provider of manufacturing planning technology, and Doddle, which offers reverse logistics and returns management technology.

Blue Yonder did not disclose what it is paying for flexis and Doddle, but it said the three acquisitions totaled “approximately $1 billion.”

One Network is a global provider of supply chain control towers and related technology and services designed to let companies use online dashboards to view and control the movement of goods throughout their supply chains. One Network’s technology incorporates internet-of-things (IoT) sensors and AI to monitor the movement of goods through supply chains, helping companies improve end-to-end operations from materials sourcing through production and delivery.


Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder

“Supply chains have become more complex, and as more and more companies reduce risk by diversifying sourcing of products globally, there is an increased demand for the sharing of information and resources across the whole value chain,” Blue Yonder CEO Duncan Angove says. He adds that One Network’s capabilities will enable Blue Yonder to offer “a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that is resilient enough to withstand today’s challenges.”

Flexis is based in Stuttgart, Germany, and maintains its North American office in Dublin, Ohio. The company specializes in production optimization and transportation planning and execution systems; it focuses primarily on automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers.

Flexis strengthens Blue Yonder’s capabilities to help companies with highly configurable products and expansive supplier networks to “plan and optimize their complex production facilities,” Blue Yonder says.


Addressing the boom in EVs and digital purchasing

“Their experience meets the ever-changing demands of today’s automotive industry, which is marked by a boom in electric vehicle production, digital purchasing models, and enhanced configure-to-order customization options,” Andove says, adding, “Flexis equips manufacturers with the ability to flexibly schedule and sequence orders on their assembly lines, as well as integrate with order management systems to balance and optimize production dates based on inventory availability, material constraints, transportation schedules, and production sequences.”

Doddle provides reverse logistics and returns management technology and services to more than 900 merchants sites worldwide. Andove says Doddle brings Blue Yonder an expanded range of services, including self-service kiosks and pick-up/drop-off networks, to offer retailers and logistics providers.

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