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86% of B2B retailer buyers are willing to switch suppliers if another B2B web store offers a better experience, according to new survey data from Sana Commerce.

B2B buyers expect error-free order processing and other users experience excellence when purchasing online.

But it seems many sellers are not up to the task for delivering the ecommerce results buyers demand, says a new Sana Commerce survey of 1,000 professional buyers from manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors across:

  • The United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands

Sana Commerce survey findings

B2B buyers are making purchases online more than ever before, according to the Sana Commerce survey. Two out of three B2B buyers prefer to place their orders online through suppliers’ websites, and 79% prefer to place repeat orders online. B2B ecommerce has even become the norm for complex and high-value orders. 58% of B2B buyers want to conduct these transactions online, Sana Commerce survey data shows.

But even though B2B online buying has entered the mainstream, B2B sellers are facing a big threat: Too many buyers are having a bad experience with B2B web stores. And buyers are willing to jump ship because of it. The Sana Commerce survey revealed that 74% of B2B buyers said they would switch suppliers if another B2B web store offered a better experience. This issue is particularly pronounced for U.S. buyers, where the percentage spikes to 91%.

“B2B suppliers have prioritized scaling their capacity to manage rising order volume over the past two years. However, this emphasis on speed and capacity has brought forth additional challenges, heightening the stakes for suppliers,” says Sana Commerce CEO Sebastiaan Verhaar. “Buyers now demand specific criteria like real-time pricing, stock level and product information for consistent adoption of B2B web stores as an integral part of their business.”


84% of B2B buyers say that an easy, accurate online web store experience is important to them — but too many B2B sellers are not meeting this expectation. According to the survey, 68% of B2B buyers are discouraged from ordering online because of order errors. The data revealed that B2B buyers are experiencing order errors on 33% of their total online orders, indicating a noteworthy surge from 2019 (28%), despite the advancements in automation.

Some of the biggest reasons that are holding buyers back from placing B2B orders online:

  • 31% of buyers said there was a lack of accurate delivery time information.
  • 29% said there was a lack of accurate pricing information.
  • 28% said there was a lack of accurate information on stock levels.
  • 28% said there was a lack of product information.

B2B web stores are part of a company’s brand reputation and can often make or break a customer relationship. When B2B buyers have a terrible experience with an online purchase, it’s likely to affect their overall relationship with the seller. 87% of B2B buyers said a bad buying experience would impact their supplier relationship to some extent.

Ordering from a B2B online store should not feel like a crapshoot. If B2B customers cannot get accurate, reliable information on pricing, in-stock inventory, and delivery timelines, they will be likely to lose trust in the seller — and take their business elsewhere.


The survey found that 86% of B2B retailer buyers are willing to switch suppliers if another B2B web store offered a better experience versus manufacturers (78%), distributors (75%) and wholesalers (68%).

Instead of order errors and inaccurate delivery dates, B2B buyers want to see a higher level of transparency, product details, and personalized information from B2B web stores.

The B2B Buyer report found the following insights:

  • 55% of B2B buyers want to see their personalized agreed prices.
  • 49% want to see their personalized agreed payment rules.
  • 47% want to see their personalized agreed logistical rules.
  • 40% want accurate information on stock, pricing and delivery dates.
  • 37% want access to order status, order history and outstanding invoices.
  • 35% want a full product range catalog available.

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