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Sustainability, artificial intelligence and dynamic pricing are key to B2B market trends this year.

Key ecommerce technologies will reshape the digital landscape of how B2B buyers sell to customers in 2024. From artificial intelligence and dynamic pricing to connected commerce and predictive analytics, here are five key ecommerce applications that will make B2B transactions more personalized and individualized this year.

B2B ecommerce technology trends

1. The continued importance of B2B ecommerce

B2B ecommerce has taken the lead as the most effective sales channel, rated first by 35% of respondents, ahead of in-person sales (26%), video conference (12%), email (10%), and telephone (8%).

2. Predictive B2B ecommerce will drive digital buyer behavior

The market for predictive analytics software was valued at $5.29 billion in 2020 and is forecasted to grow to $41.52 billion by 2028.

3. Dynamic pricing means B2B sellers react instantly to buyer price points

17% of ecommerce companies planned on starting to use dynamic pricing in 2021, and this number will grow to over 22% for 2024.


4. Sustainability matters in B2B ecommerce

B2B buyers would consider breaking off their relationship with a company if it did not take sustainability or social issues seriously

5. AI transforms B2B ecommerce to autonomous commerce

Autonomous commerce allows companies to create a seamless and personalized buying experience for their customer

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