Other B2B buyer preferences include going directly to a consumer site, to Amazon Business, using a search engine or going to a distributor's ecommerce site.

B2B buyers across the board are spending more online through electronic commerce channels.

In fact, based on results from a new survey of 150 buyers from Digital Commerce 360 and Forrester Research, just over 50% of B2B buyers make a digital purchase of a good or service for their organization daily. That includes nearly one-third, 32%, that make a business purchase at least several times per day. In comparison, 23% of survey respondents make weekly purchases. Meanwhile, 17% do so every 30 days.

B2B buyer preferences

The survey research also shows that B2B buyers are also consistent in where they like to place their initial and ongoing purchase orders. For example, 57% of B2B buyers list a manufacturer’s ecommerce site as their first choice. Other B2B buyer preferences include:

  • Consumer site (45%)
  • Amazon Business (43%)
  • Search engine (40%)
  • Distributor ecommerce site (33%)

In general, brand manufacturer and industry distributor websites rank highest in terms of purchase frequency for B2B purchases for many reasons, not the least of which are brand trust and depth of content including product detail such as specifications, descriptions, detailed pricing and related products and recommendations above others. B2B buyers believe that brand manufacturers have the best information on their products and that going direct to these sites to buy B2B products is preferred.


But marketplaces are gaining in popularity as well — 6 in 10 B2B buyers are doing 26% or more of their B2B buying on Amazon Business.

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