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Did you know that, according to Zyro, there are more than 24 million ecommerce websites worldwide? Building an ecommerce store is easy but making money from it can be challenging. The good news is you now have the perfect ally on your ecommerce journey that can help you boost your revenue and it’s called an AI. According to Gartner, the number of ecommerce businesses adopting artificial intelligence grew by 270% in the last four years.

The biggest trend on the market is that artificial intelligence is no longer reserved only for the biggest corporations but new age AI solutions (SaaS models) has allowed small-medium companies to integrate AI into their business.

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One of the main goals for ecommerce executives in 2022 should be utilizing the power of AI that could help brands gain deep understanding of a customer journey.

This will enable companies to personalize customer experience while intelligently offering products customer really need at the right time within the customer journey making it super easy to upsell & cross-sell at any time.

It’s all about creating a tailored buying experience for your customer
The right ecommerce personalization strategy helps you define your customer’s behavior during their shopping session so you could be serving “personalized content” to your ecommerce visitors.


When we say personalized content, it means you will be able to serve your customers with appropriate incentives such as discounts, vouchers or limited offers while helping them find the solution to their needs in more comfortable way for them.

How any ecommerce can do that?
The game here is to intelligently use customer data that could help you personalize your website offer at all touchpoints, so you make it easier for your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for faster than ever.

This tactic will help you significantly increase conversion rates as you will be offering the right incentives to the right people.


eCommerce brands that implement the process of real-time collection of customer’s data and start analyzing their behavior and previous purchases in combination with history of searched products manage to deliver a personalized customer experience and offer the products that really matter which can easily:

  • Boost customer retention ratio
  • Improve customer sales
  • Personalize shopping experience
  • Build an effective email campaign

To learn more strategies on how to use an AI to quickly boost your revenue, download the free e-book “3 Proven but Simple AI-Powered Strategies That Can Help You Boost Your ecommerce Revenue in Less Than 90 Days”.

Click here to download your free ebook.


According to Tractica, revenue generated by the direct and indirect application of AI will increase from $1.38 billion in 2016 to $59.75 billion by 2025. To sum up, AI is the future of everything, including ecommerce. Online businesses that embrace these opportunities and think through how AI could be implemented into everyday business will be champions in delivering a superb user experience.