When retailers and brands sell on marketplaces, such as those operated by Amazon.com Inc. and eBay Inc., they don’t always have control over critical assets that may impact conversion rates like site search or email marketing. Therefore, many marketplace sellers focus on improving details consumers view on a product page, such as titles, images and descriptions.

Improved content on a product page, such as a more robust description of a product or higher-quality images, can help convert more shoppers into buyers, experts say. And consumers pay attention to the details: 21% of online shoppers say more product information is a top reason they make a purchase from a marketplace, according to a Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey of 1,108 consumers in May 2019.

There are several ways marketplace sellers can convert more shoppers on multi-merchant platforms. They include lowering prices, so they’re in line with or lower than competitors’ pricing, offering free and fast shipping, and spending more on advertising to be on the top of search results pages, which reaches more consumers. But some of these strategies can be costly. Alternatively, there are tweaks sellers can make that don’t require a high upfront cost.

Here are five ways sellers can get shoppers to convert on marketplaces.

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