U.S. retailers have plenty of room to improve when it comes to offering and communicating with shoppers about how and where they can receive their order.

Only 29.1% of store-based U.S. retailers offer in-store pickup of online orders, according to the newly released Omni-1000 report from e-commerce technology provider OrderDynamics. The OrderDynamics report examined the e-commerce sites of more than 1,000 multichannel retailers from May-June 2017, including 330 in the United States, wherein OrderDynamics physically looked at the various ordering and delivery capabilities offered by each website.

Broken down by industry, more than one-third (35.5%) of those sites in OrderDynamics’ report were in the fashion industry, with specialty retailers (14.5%) and toy retailers (10.9%) making up the next two largest categories. Of the 330 U.S. retailers examined by OrderDynamics, all of which had at least 10 physical store locations, 41% had more than 251 retail locations, while 22% had  101 to 250 locations.

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