The company is holding SheIn Your Heart Day to celebrate its new name.

NANJING, China — Sheinside, one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies, today officially announced the change in its brand name into SheIn accompanying with its new slogan “She In Shine Out.” In addition, there will be a large-scale promotional activity to celebrate SheIn’s Day.

It may be quite risky to adopt a new brand name and logo at this key moment of corporate development. However, an excellent slogan and logo can maximize the recognition with stronger brand identity and brand awareness. Actually, changing new brand name and logo is based on long-term, overall and serious consideration and full preparations because it plays a very important role in corporate strategies. 

Here are the main reasons behind the name change:

Faster delivery
SheIn has warehouse in L.A which means shipping time is greatly shorten compared to the past. We need 10 days delivery to US and 15 days delivery to Europe now. SheIn aims to present its customers most convenient way to get their adorable things within a very short time.

Better quality clothes
SheIn has its own self-dependent design team and always strives to be innovative. To put quality first, all SheIn products are under strict QC & QV.


Professional Customer Service Team
SheIn has several methods that customers can make contact with customer service any time any where so that their matters can be easily and promptly dealt with in a very short time: online chat, submitting tickets and by phone — all quickly reach customer service.

Before changing the brand name, Sheinside held a worldwide slogan competition and after half a month voting and selecting, the winning slogan emerged. “She In, Shine Out” is exactly the embodiment of SheIn. This wide-range of activity has sparked heated participation and it is also regarded as warm up of brand name changing. Compared to the prior brand name, SheIn is easily recognized and remembered. It also fits in with the company’s corporate culture. “She wants in your heart rather than just to be by your side.”

To celebrate SheIn’s Day, there is a big promotion “SheIn Your Heart” for all long-term SheIn supporters. Use code: shein36 for 36% off for all selected items. And this promotion lasts for 3 days only, from June 8, 2015 to June 11, 2015.

“By altering our brand name into SheIn, we aim to at utmost provide our customer with better user experience. And we have strong confidence to transfer the large proportion of equity in the original brand name as well as marketplace and consolidated consumer loyalty and brand awareness,” says Chris Xu, the CEO of SheIn.