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Made In Cookware invests in conversion rate optimization

Premium cookware brand Made In updates its site with videos and additional navigation to showcase where it sources its products. It continues to run A/B tests and solicit shopper feedback to optimize its site.

Who are the leading midsized online retailers?

The 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Next 1000 is a ranking of the 1,001 – 2,000 midsized online retailers selling in North America. Just shy of the Top 1000, these ecommerce merchants have annual online sales between $1 million and $29 million. Here’s some data on the 2020 Next 1000 cohort.

How to know when your digital brand Is ready for physical retail

Many brands born online have expanded by opening bricks-and-mortar stores. Customers who shop both in-store and online tend to be more profitable. But digitail brands must get the timing right before taking the expensive plunge into physical retail.

The surprising success of smaller online retailers in the Age of Amazon

The retailers ranked between Nos. 1001 and 2000 in web sales collectively registered 15.2% growth in 2018, faster than the 14.5% year-over-year growth in North American ecommerce. Internet Retailer’s inaugural Next 1000 report details how up-and-coming web merchants attract shoppers, typically by offering products and personalized service not available from retail giants.

Infographic: Food takes a bigger bite out of e-commerce

E-commerce accounts for a small portion of total retail purchases of food and beverages in the U.S.—about 3.2% in 2016. But the online food market is one of the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce, growing 32% last year, and more consumers are willing to purchase food online. 23% of American households were buying groceries online in 2016, up from 19% in 2014. Here’s key data and analysis of the U.S. online food industry.