The world’s 75 largest online retail marketplaces sold more than $1.5 trillion in 2017, accounting for nearly half of all global online shopping. As significant, these marketplaces grew more than 30% last year—double the growth of online retailing overall.

The proliferation of marketplaces in e-retailing is so dramatic that it begs the question: Are online marketplaces taking over e-commerce?

The Key Findings from the 2018 Online Marketplaces Report is an exclusive 15-page sneak peek of the full 2018 Online Marketplaces Report and provides an overview of the key strategies and data on the world’s 75 largest e-retail marketplaces.

This summary report provides you with:

  • Extensive industry overview including stats and analysis on marketplace shoppers
  • 5+ charts and tables revealing the growth strategies and GMV of the Top 75 marketplaces, shopper information, and more
  • 4 must-have quick tips for marketplace sellers

The full, 53-page report includes:

  • Growth analysis of the top 75 online marketplaces
  • 2017 gross merchandise value (GMV) and growth of the top 15 global marketplaces
  • 25+ charts and tables revealing robust stats and facts about global online marketplace business
  • Key data on the top 11 U.S.-based marketplaces, including 2017 GMV, growth, number of sellers and number of SKUs available online
  • Shopper demographic data on top U.S. marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Walmart

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