To compete in the ever-changing online retailing business, you have to understand the direction of the 800-pound gorilla in your market—Amazon. With $150 billion in global web sales last year, Amazon again outpaced industry growth rates, accounting for a mind-boggling 42% of all U.S. online retail sales and selling six times as much online than its largest retail competitor, Walmart.

The Key Findings from the 2018 Amazon Report is an exclusive 17-page sneak peek of the full 2018 Amazon Report and provides an overview of how Amazon is changing itself and the e-commerce industries in which it competes.

This summary report provides you with:

  • Extensive industry overview of the growth and revenue of Amazon and “The Prime Effect”
  • 5+ charts and tables revealing Amazon’s revenue breakdown and a global analysis of where Amazon Prime is available
  • Detailed analysis of Prime Day 2018

The full, 41-page report includes:

  • Prime Day 2018 sales revenue and conversion rate estimates
  • 23 data-packed tables and charts, including estimates of U.S. GMV, a complete list of Amazon’s private label brands and a map of Amazon U.S. fulfillment network
  • Analysis of where Amazon’s growth is coming from
  • Breakdown of Amazon Prime’s growth and a complete list of Amazon Prime markets
  • Analysis and data on Amazon’s share of U.S. grocery and apparel markets
  • Deep dive into Amazon’s shipping and fulfillment division, including a breakdown of expenses, warehouse expansion and an update on FBA
  • Analysis of Amazon Web Services business segment

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