B2B companies are spending significant amounts through online channels.

Accelerated by COVID-19, the broad shift into B2B digital commerce is forcing manufacturers and distributors into a new standard way of doing business.

More than a third of manufacturers project growth of at least 25% in B2B ecommerce sales over the two-year period of 2021-2022. And as more manufacturers and distributors are starting to view digital commerce as their most active and growing customer base, most agree that the “next normal” is here.

The 2022 Pivotal Trends in B2B Ecommerce report analyzes the new digital standard in B2B sales, covering many of the most critical topics today like self-service ecommerce and user experience.

This report also provides the Top 8 trends in B2B ecommerce that will continue to accelerate in 2022, and real-life stories from B2B companies in the thick of the ecommerce boom, including PunchOut2Go’s response to e-procurement approaching $1 trillion in sales.

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