Companies / Snapshot: Online sales for home goods saw a 27.0% growth rate in 2018 from 2017

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55 out of 100

Growing e-commerce sales at Williams-Sonoma during 2016 is driving a shift at the company, as it’s focusing more of its marketing efforts on digital channels. Digital marketing is the company’s largest investment channel, outpacing catalog and store-based marketing spending, CEO Laura Alber told analysts in August 2016. Its marketing approach will become more targeted and personalized across its brands. “Our proprietary modeling, based on customer profiles and interactions, drives our ability to target audiences more effectively and profitably,” she said. “Relevant marketing drives engagement, and targeted consumers convert at three times the rate of nontargeted ones—at half the cost.”


3250 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco CA 94109

Parent Company

Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category

Housewares/Home Furnishings

Year Launched: 1999

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