The Shopper Speaks: Online grocery buyers report high satisfaction numbers

Online grocery shoppers project increased growth, with curbside pickup a mainstay in the grocery experience

The pandemic pushed many of us to test online grocery shopping. While much has changed, to be honest, I can’t remember seeing many of the curbside pickup spots full over the past few months at the Jewel a few blocks from my house. One crucial question: Will online shoppers continue to embrace grocery-buying online, or will it wane as in-person choices are readily available?

To reach those responsible for grocery-buying in their households, Digital Commerce 360, in conjunction with Bizrate Insights, surveyed 1,000 online shoppers and began with a qualifying question that addressed one’s responsibility for grocery buying.

More than three out of four survey respondents (78%) indicated they are fully/mostly responsible for household grocery shopping, while the remainder (22%) was partially responsible.

Almost half of those responsible for household grocery shopping (45%) have ordered online. While 29% ordered either routinely (13%) or occasionally (16%), perhaps the 16% who ordered online for the first time during the pandemic are seen as online grocery’s most significant opportunity.

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