How consumers shop for apparel online

Apparel is a category near and dear to my heart. With the Top 2000 online apparel retailers projected to sell $134.67 billion in online sales in 2022, the size of the category makes this one worth watching.

Digital Commerce 360, in conjunction with Bizrate Insights, surveyed 1,064 online shoppers about their apparel buying, what’s changed, and the tools that attract their attention in 2022.

Online shoppers were inspired to make apparel/accessory purchases due to seasonality, replenishment, and a desire to freshen up their wardrobes.

Post-COVID-19, online shoppers’ apparel needs shifted with less wardrobe replacement (33% in 2022 vs. 41% in 2021) and more updating of looks (27% in 2022 vs. 22% in 2021), occasion (23% vs. 18%) and vacation-minded purchases (20% vs. 14%).

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