A new AI-powered catalog management tool from Mirakl expedites how online sellers list their products on marketplace and drop-ship platforms.

Ecommerce technology company Mirakl launched this week the AI-powered Catalog Transformer. It is designed to let companies list their products on marketplace and drop-ship platforms through a “one-click” feature.

Mirakl describes the tool, which uses large language model artificial intelligence, or LLM, as “the first and only LLM-powered technology that allows companies to start listing products on marketplaces and drop-ship platforms.”

Nagi Letaifa, Mirakl’s chief technology officer, said in an email reply to Digital Commerce 360 that the tool will become available later this year in the Mirakl marketplace platform and the Mirakl Connect marketplace network of more than 13,000 brands, sellers and suppliers.

“With the Catalog Transformer, Mirakl is enhancing its multichannel feed management capabilities on Mirakl Connect, establishing it as a central hub for brands and resellers to easily find, integrate, and manage new Mirakl-powered marketplace and dropship channels,” Letaifa said.

“Brands, sellers, and suppliers of all sizes can centralize their offerings and begin selling on 400-plus Mirakl-powered marketplace and drop-ship platforms in one click, enabling them to focus resources on business impact rather than complex technical processes,” Mirakl says. It adds that Catalog Transformer supports catalog import methods ranging from Excel and CSV to API, SFTP and purpose-built, turnkey connectors with platforms including Shopify, Adobe, Amazon and Salesforce.”


Jonathan Attali, chief digital officer at fashion apparel merchant Zadig & Voltaire, says in a Mirakl press release that the new tool mitigates the cost of selling through new channels.

“With other feed management solutions, we typically need to invest $100,000 and four months up front to sell on a new channel, which hinders our ability to scale,” he says. Catalog onboarding represents a massive part of this cost.” Zadig & Voltaire is a seller on the Mirakl Connect network of marketplaces.

He adds: “Thanks to Mirakl Connect’s Catalog Transformer and easy integration with the Magento [ecommerce software] connector, it took us less than 24 hours to import our full catalog data, and start listing products. We carefully reviewed the data from Mirakl’s AI-powered conversion, and it required little to no changes.”

Letaifa said Catalog Transformer uses AI technology from Mistral AI and OpenAI as well as Mirakl’s proprietary AI technology “to automatically align product data from sellers’ catalogs with the specific requirements of marketplace or drop-ship platforms.”


He added, “It improves data quality by correcting inaccuracies and completing missing information, while providing rewriting and translation features to enhance user experience, boost product discoverability, and improve SEO rankings.”

Paul Demery is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. [email protected].

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