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Digital commerce currently represents 20% of total global air cargo and is projected to rise to 30% by 2027.

Ecommerce is driving growth in the global air cargo industry. And the volume of ecommerce parcels and packages shipped by air is set to mushroom even more.

In 2022, one in five parcels shipped by air freight originated as an online shopping order, says the International Air Transport Association.

And within five years, one in three air freight packages will come from ecommerce orders, the association says.

“The 170 billion e-commerce parcel total was four times higher than in 2014. By 2027, it is expected that growth will rise 50% on 2022 levels,” IATA head of ecommerce Andre Majeres recently said at the World Cargo Symposium in Hong Kong and according to published reports including StatTimes.com. “This means we have a tsunami of new parcels to process. When the tsunami is going to hit your operations, are you ready?” 

Other key ecommerce parcels metrics include:

  • Ecommerce currently represents 20% of total global air cargo. The IATA projects it to rise to 30% by 2027.
  • Global carriers shipped over 170 billion parcels in 2022. That figure will increase to 256 billion parcels in five years.
  • The global logistics market will reach $2.4 trillion in annual sales by 2032 from $386 billion in 2022.

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