Manufacturing services company Markforged is making available 3D printing of industrial parts on-site at customers’ locations.

Buyers who need immediate access to manufactured parts have a new digital option from Markforged Holding Corp.

Markforged has launched the on-demand parts manufacturing platform Digital Source, which it describes as “an on-demand parts platform built to enable the licensing and 3D-printing of manufacturer-certified parts when and where they are needed, without the cost or hassle of physical inventory management.”

Jeremy Haight, principal engineer at Vestas Wind Systems A/S, a global company that manufactures, installs and services wind turbines for sustainable energy systems, says the Digital Source on-demand platform has enabled Vestas to quickly print spare parts when needed to maintain operations and minimize downtime.

For BMF GmbH, a manufacturer of sandblasting machines designed with 60 components that need to be replaced periodically, the 3D-printing service provides the option to print replacement parts at customer sites.

“The component can be printed on-site the moment a failure or wear is detected,” BMF CEO Ronny Bernstein says.


Markforged also says Digital Source allows companies to upload digital part designs they can then license to their customers, distributors and contract manufacturers.

“Once uploaded, Digital Source end-users will have the ability to license the right to print parts on-site or through a growing network of [3D-printing] service providers,” the company says.

“Parts can be digitized and printed at the time and point of need without the need to be manufactured in advance, shipped and stored until needed,” Vestas CEO Shai Terem says.

Paul Demery is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. [email protected].


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