Average ticket values of America's top online retailers

2022 was a year of high inflation across North America, with consumer prices increasing 6.5% in the U.S., 6.8% in Canada and 7.8% in Mexico. Those higher prices also showed up in higher average tickets for Top 1000 retailers. The median average order value for the Top 1000 jumped 15.1% to $180 in 2022 from $156 in 2021. Direct Marketers — catalogers and retailers that sell via TV shopping shows — registered the highest AOV increase at 19.6% and Consumer Brand Manufacturers the lowest at 13.4%. AOV increases were especially high for Top 1000 retailers in the Housewares/Home Improvement category, growing 28.5% year over year. Top 1000 retailers in the Food/Beverage category registered the smallest AOV increase, 9.7%, roughly in line with price increases at supermarkets across North America.

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