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CCI Kenya is located in Nairobi. It is the fastest growing professional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Kenya. CCI Kenya provide a range of professional outsourcing services to international companies from the United States, Australia, and Europe. Additionally, BPO services are also provided to African Companies and domestic clients.

Since launching in 2016, CCI Kenya has grown rapidly, with more than 3,000 employees in Nairobi working to deliver digital customer management services to leading brands, domestic and international clients.


CCI Kenya (and the CCI Kenya Call Centre), part of the larger CCI group, offers outsourcing services from for all stages of the customer life-cycle covering sales, customer service, customer loyalty scheme management, omnichannel customer management, digital marketing and customer retention.

Rishi Jatania, Managing Director of CCI Kenya, explains why more and more medium-to-large sized companies are turning to outsourcing key parts of their business to the African BPO landscape.


CCI Kenya delivers bespoke digital customer management strategies


CCI Kenya is part of CCI Global which operates in 5 countries from 14 delivery locations including South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Ghana.

CCI Global began cultivating its specialist capabilities when it arrived in Africa in 2006. Since then, the business has gained a deep understanding of the African market. The CCI Group (Call Centre International) is the largest leading business process outsourcing provider in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why is business process outsourcing increasingly popular?


Rishi Jatania, Managing Director of CCI Kenya, explains “Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which is also sometimes known as Business Process Services (BPS) allows businesses across all kinds of sectors to gain the best possible solution for their needs via international outsourcing.

“Leading brands from all kinds of different sectors have discovered that BPO is a highly effective way to derive true value for their services. In general, companies find this more cost effective while retaining a highly skilled employee pool that is part of its wider operational design that can sustain specialist capabilities.’


Which locations attract BPO partners?

Mature BPO markets are in places like India and the Philippines, where the focus is predominantly on front-end customer services for financial businesses and telecommunications.


“More and more, businesses are recognising the potential of Africa for BPO outsourcing,” says Rishi Jatania MD of CCI Kenya. “The continent has enormous potential, a vast and highly educated youthful population all looking for ways to develop a lasting career and an increasingly sophisticated infrastructure underpinning all of this.

“Countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya can offer cost effective service at lower costs to international clients than are available in their home or customer markets.

“Every CCI Kenya call centre agent is fully trained and supported to work in a fast-paced commercial environment, deliver excellent customer service, has excellent English-speaking abilities and a thorough understanding of how to find the ideal solution for all our clients. CCI Kenya works as a global delivery network.”


The rise of the African BPO sector


“CCI Global arrived on the continent in 2006, which was a key time for African countries placing themselves on the global outsourcing map, ” explains Rishi.

“During the late 2000s and early 2010s, an enormous amount of progress was made by African Governments and the private sector in countries like Kenya, South Africa and Ghana to improve Internet connectivity via subsea fibre optics.

“Once this was in place, it became a no brainer for businesses in countries like the UK, the US, Australia and Europe to consider Africa as an outsourcing partner.”


South Africa and beyond for BPO


“South Africa has been also strong in this sector since the 2010s, something that CCI South Africa has helped to shape,” says Rishi from CCI Kenya. “South Africa has everything necessary for a thriving sector, including development opportunities, cost capabilities and plenty of space to build contact centers if necessary.

“Africa’s BPO industry is growing exponentially. The outsourcing industry matches exactly our continent’s future economic growth expectations.

“In Kenya, for example, we’re completely aligned with the Government’s Kenya Vision 2030, which aims to transform Kenya and create a middle-income powerhouse with a safe environment for people to get on that career ladder and thrive as we know they can (including areas such as consumer sales).”

CCI Kenya moving into the future


“We’re now through the unprecedented challenges presented by the global COVID 19 pandemic and are in a position to reset, use everything we’ve learned and put it towards becoming the number one destination for outsourcing,” continues Rishi CCI Kenya.

“CCI Kenya has expanded into our new purpose-built contact center, set up for our employees, to help them learn, develop and thrive. Our work includes specialist partners working with us to ensure solutions are found for all our clients, whether they are within leisure sectors, mobile technology or any other key global sector.

“The African BPO industry landscape is growing all the time, and we have zero doubts that this will continue as we move towards 2030.”

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About The Author – Rishi Jatania

Rishi Jatania is the Managing Director of CCI Kenya. CCI Kenya has grown by 700+% under his leadership since 2016, after developing and implementing growth strategies. For the past 17 years, Rishi has worked in the contact center/BPO industry in East Africa and the UK to ensure outsourcing providers deliver excellent customer service and deliver consumer sales. He has worked for some of the leading captive centers in the UK, such as Carphone Warehouse and Telecom Plus.