In under two years, Samsung has launched more than 30 B2B online stores in various countries including the US.

Appliance and electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is opening new areas codes and markets for its smartphone B2B ecommerce business.

Samsung B2B expansion

In under two years, Samsung has launched more than 30 B2B online stores in various countries. In October 2021, Samsung launched stores in Australia, France, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S. Since then, the service has vastly expanded throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East in under a year and a half, the company says.

“The key elements to the remarkable expansion of B2B online stores are open accessibility, simple purchase process, and a variety of payment methods specialized for SMBs,” says Daniel Kang, Samsung executive vice president and head of the D2C Center. “As we see the growth potential in the online B2B business globally, Samsung will continue to expand and develop services to provide practical benefits and support for our SMB customers.”

Samsung’s latest launch is an ecommerce site in Germany, where business customers can purchase smartphones and service plans in addition to other appliances and electronics.

The ecommerce sites are geared for serving small to medium business companies. They offer tools and features such as installments and invoice payments, promotions, product and service discounts and technical support.


“Samsung has witnessed a growth in the average number of new sign-up members globally by 100% compared to the last year,” the company says. “Also, the sales via the B2B online stores have seen a jump of two times.”

Samsung does not break out B2B ecommerce metrics for its business units. It generated total global sales in 2022 of about $245.7 billion.

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