Miami-based Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits LLC adds features to its ecommerce platform that make it easier for buyers to get what they want.

One of the nation’s largest distributors of wine and spirits isn’t crying in its beer when it comes to B2B ecommerce.

In 2022, Miami-based Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits LLC racked up $3 billion in digital sales on, its B2B ecommerce platform.


John Wittig, chief commercial officer, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

“We will continue to invest in industry-leading functionality to equip our sales team and enhance the Proof platform as we aim to strengthen the bond between Southern Glazer’s, our customers and suppliers in 2023 and beyond,” says Southern Glazer chief commercial officer John Wittig.

The distributor does business in 44 states. In September 2020, it rolled out an array of new ecommerce features designed to let beverage retailers and distributors more easily and efficiently place and manage orders online.


The updates to proof let Southern Glazer’s clients search for products by broader criteria, including:

  • Brand
  • Grape variety
  • Price
  • Type of container
  • Value-added packaging
  • Other specifications, such as whether Southern classifies a product as organic or kosher.

The new features further give registered users the ability to view up to two years of past purchases and see open orders, invoices, credits and delivery schedules.

Since then, Southern Glazer has added or updated multiple features. One is a mobile feature with barcode scanning for easy ordering, a smart recommendation tool that helps customers with quick alternatives when items are out of stock. Another includes previously purchased and order history features that saves customers time for reordering frequently bought items.

Other new features Southern Glazer provides are:

  • An improved cart that makes it easier for customers to shop favorite items or save for later,
  • Enhanced search filters to help find diverse-owned brands, low proof items, specific supplier products and more,
  • And a feature to conveniently request delivery date changes.

In 2022, more than 82,000 hospitality customers placed orders on, purchasing more than 61,000 products and resulting in more than 17 million cases delivered. In addition, sales consultants generated more than 1 million proposals through the platform, leading to millions of dollars in incremental sales and 70,000 new points of distribution, the distributor says.


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