At the 2022 EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit — a new in-person event from Digital Commerce 360 running Oct. 17 and 18 in Chicago — manufacturers, distributors, retailers, buyers and sellers will gain practical, hands-on best practice advice from experienced thought leaders and practitioners.

Buyers and sellers of all sizes can best make a B2B marketplace work for them only after they have a thorough understanding of this fast-growing digital commerce channel. They must identify opportunity online and avoid serious mistakes.

At the 2022 EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, buyers and sellers of all types will gain practical, hands-on best practice advice from experienced thought leaders and practitioners. The EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit is a new in-person event from Digital Commerce 360. It will run Oct. 17 and Oct. 18 in Chicago.

A case in point: Drive for Success with a Marketplace Tune-Up, a two-hour workshop that will take place on Monday, Oct. 17, from 2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Whether an organization is a buyer, seller, or marketplace operator just out of the starting block or miles down the road, a tune-up is an essential part of keeping a digital marketplace program racing along. This workshop features firsthand, best-practice advice from analysts, consultants, and practitioners. It offers the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the experts to get answers to the often-difficult questions that arise related to marketplace strategy, operations, logistics technology, marketing, and customer service.

The workshop breaks down all the essential parts of a B2B strategy and operations plan, including:

  • Website design, user experience and operations
  • Business and startup strategy
  • Technology
  • Marketplace models
  • Buyer-seller relations
  • Marketing, customer service
  • Pricing

EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit speakers

The speaker line, featuring experienced consultants and marketplace operators, includes:

  • Jason Dennison, head of sales. North America. (National Marketplaces)
  • Oliver Siodmark, managing director, Deloitte Digital. (National Marketplaces)
  • JT Garwood, co-founder and CEO of bttn, a B2B marketplace that sells medical supplies to independent healthcare facilities. (Business/startup strategy; New marketplace niches)
  • Jason Daigler, vice president, analyst at Gartner, focused on digital commerce technologies, including topics such as launching a commerce site, multichannel strategy, B2B commerce, channel integration, digital shelf analytics and marketplaces. (Technology)
  • Karie Daudt, director ecommerce strategy Perficient with more than 20 years of experience working in B2B manufacturing and distribution companies. (Pricing)
  • Paul do Forno, a managing director at Deloitte Digital with more than 25 years of experience in strategy, digital experience, consulting, technology, and digital. (Marketplace models)
  • Shep Hickey, Founder of Bryzos, an online metals marketplace. (Marketing/customer service)
  • Lori McDonald is president and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions, which she started in 1998 in Milwaukee. (Website design/user experience/operations)
  • Luke Powers, founder and CEO of (Buyer-seller relations)
  • Ian Arthurs, founder and CEO, recycling industry marketplace (New marketplace niches)
  • Brian Zielinski, president and managing director, business services marketplace (New marketplace niches)

More on the EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit agenda and full conference here.

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