In the first half of 2022, B2B ecommerce grew 69% and helped to grow overall digital sales, the company says.

B2B ecommerce is a digital growth driver for Unilever, one of the biggest and oldest consumer brand manufacturers and the maker of more than 400 products such as Dove soap and Lipton tea.

For the first six months of the year, total Unilever sales grew about 15% to 29.623 billion pounds (US$35.998 billion) from 25.791 billion pounds (US$31.341 billion) from January through June in 2021.

Ecommerce grew 25% in the first half and now represents 14% of total sales, Unilever says. Based on those metrics, Digital Commerce 360 projects that digital Unilever sales totaled $5.039 billion from $4.03 billion in the first half of 2021.

While the company did not break out specific metrics, B2B ecommerce was the primary growth diver for digital Unilever sales, the company says.

“Ecommerce grew 25% in the first half, with growth coming from omnichannel retailers and our B2B platforms,” says Unilever CEO Alan Jope. “Ecommerce growth has moderated in the U.S. as consumers return to physical stores and we see greater number of consumers researching online and then purchasing offline. And that emphasizes the growing importance of digital channels in the path to purchase.”


In the first half of 2022, B2B ecommerce grew 69% and is helping to grow overall digital Unilever sales, the company says.

“Worth noting that in just five years, ecommerce has grown from 2% of Unilever’s turnover to 14% in the first half,” Jope says. “We do continue to invest in channel expertise and the right technology and in channel-specific innovation.”

Unilever operates multiple B2B platforms such as Compre Ahora, a B2B marketplace in Spain.

Unilever produces 400 food, beverage, cleaning, hygiene, and personal care products sold in 190 countries and used by more than 2.5 billion people every day.


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