For a manufacturer founded in 1934, National Marker Co. has a long history of knowing how to make and sell safety products. In its early days, it focused on screen-printed fire warning signs and labels for fire extinguishers. As its business evolved, NMC built out its product lines of safety signs, tags and markings to address growing trends in workplace safety, expanding its factory operations along the way. When COVID-19 hit last year, NMC developed a new line of acrylic products, workspace partitions, social distancing floor signs, and clear plastic boxes for storing personal protective equipment.

We wanted a platform that we didn’t need to code every time we needed to update something, to independently change on the fly product descriptions and images.
Beth Mazza. ecommerce manager
National Marker Co.

More recently, the manufacturer—now a division of Justrite Group—decided to upgrade its ecommerce technology platform to expand its market share by better serving three groups of customers: distributors, B2B end-customer account holders, and the third group, which includes individual retail consumers and anonymous website visitors. For all customer types, NMC wanted to ensure they would all have the kind of easy customer experience they had all come to expect online.

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