Yes. And for some shoppers, the About Us page is a major conversion driver, finds water brand Hawaii Volcanic. Ecommerce director Daniel Kim shares how educational content and subscriptions have helped jumpstart the brand’s online sales.

When Hawaii Volcanic launched its ecommerce site roughly one year ago, it wanted to ensure that it catered to its two likely shopper profiles: a consumer who was looking for more information about the brand and a shopper who was already a customer and wanted to quickly purchase her water supply.

While some shoppers know about the brand from grocery stores selling its products, the ecommerce site is where Hawaii Volcanic can share its story with shoppers, says ecommerce director Daniel Kim.

“Direct-to-consumer has the ability to really create a connection with customers and stay top of mind,” Kim says.

Daniel Kim, ecommerce director at Hawaii Volcanic

Daniel Kim, ecommerce director at Hawaii Volcanic

To do that, has enhanced educational content. Hawaii Volcanic markets itself as a sustainably sourced and responsibly packaged natural alkaline water brand. The homepage gives shoppers snippets about its brand positioning and funnels shoppers to more details by clicking on “Learn More” or “About Us” navigation pages.  

20% of its web traffic clicks on these buttons, and, on average, a visitor spends 2 to 2.5 minutes reading these pages, Kim says. But rather than time spent reading content or clicking on a button, the real barometer of whether Hawaii Volcanic’s content is engaging shoppers is the conversion rate from those pages, Kim says.  

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