TrueCommerce announced today it has acquired DiCentral, which brings experience in automotive industry supply chains, offering its new parent an opportunity to serve growing markets like electric vehicle manufacturing.

TrueCommerce, a provider of supply chain and ecommerce technology brand manufacturers, retailers and other companies, announced today it has acquired DiCentral, a firm that specializes in building connections between trading partners.

The TrueCommerce Global Commerce Network provide business connections among more than 130,000 retailers, distributors and logistics service providers, including companies ranging from small and midsized businesses to members of the global Fortune 500.


John Fay, CEO, TrueCommerce

DiCentral adds nearly 5,000 customers from a diverse group of companies, bringing TrueCommerce’s total number of customers to nearly 18,000, says TrueCommerce CEO John Fay. TrueCommerce did not disclose what it is paying for DiCentral.

Known for simplifying complex API and EDI business challenges, DiCentral adds 30,000 connections to TrueCommerce’s Global Commerce Network, bringing the network’s total number of connections to 160,000, Fay says.


“Scale matters in digital supply chains,” as many companies of all sizes are greatly expanding their number of suppliers and sales channels, he says.

Fay adds that DiCentral specializes in using application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate technology applications. That will help TrueCommerce build out the three critical parts of digital supply chains by helping to connect more businesses with their customers, inventory and fulfillment partners, and sales-channel partners for more end-to-end visibility throughout the supply-and-demand chain.

Such connections cover stronger integrations with partners’ enterprise resource planning systems, drop-ship programs between retailers and suppliers, TrueCommerce says. Fay adds that DiCentral brings widespread experience working with SAP’s ERP technology, adding to TrueCommerce’s strength in working with Microsoft and other ERP systems.

DiCentral also expands TrueCommerce’s reach among industries and international markets, Fay says. DiCentral brings extensive experience in the automotive industry, providing TrueCommerce an opportunity to play a role in building out digital supply chains for electric vehicle manufacturers, he adds. And DiCentral has a strong presence in such markets as Germany and Asia, adding to TrueCommerce’s presence in North America, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Thuy Mai, until now CEO of DiCentral, joins TrueCommerce as co-chief strategy officer. Todd Johnson, president and chief operating officer of TrueCommerce, will now also serve as CEO of DiCentral. “DiCentral’s offerings strengthen our multi-enterprise commerce network, which already empowers businesses of all sizes to grow both domestically and internationally,” Johnson says.


TrueCommerce is owned by technology-focused private equity firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, which acquired it last November.

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