Retailers typically ramp up their workforce as the November/December sales surge approaches—particularly focusing on beefing up warehouse and customer service staff to get the influx of packages out the door and to handle the additional shopper inquiries. And this 2021 holiday season is no different. 36% of retailers plan to hire more employees for their fulfillment centers this holiday season, according to early results from a Digital Commerce 360 survey of 64 retailers. Additionally, 30% plan to hire customer service staff.

But this year isn’t so easy. Labor shortages abound and merchants are having to increase pay to get the help they need to survive the crucial holiday season. Indeed, in our survey, 27% of merchants said they expect to have difficulty finding holiday help, with 25% saying they already are having trouble finding warehouse workers. To attract the talent they need, 16% say they will offer incentives to seasonal workers.

With that in mind, we asked several retailers: “What are your plans for hiring extra staff this holiday season?” Here’s what…

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