Consumers are seeing the omnichannel light. Likely with a little nudge from COVID-19, more consumers today understand just how much omnichannel fulfillment methods like buy online, pick up in store and curbside pickup can simplify their lives.

The busy, working parent who realizes he is fresh out of milk for his toddler now knows he can place an entire grocery order online and get all of it—including the milk—without stepping foot in a store via curbside pickup. The procrastinating teen who waited until the day before senior pictures to find that perfect outfit online can use buy online, pick up in store to nab her ensemble in time for her photo shoot. Consumers are returning online orders in stores and using store kiosks to purchase online products that aren’t on the store shelves.

Nearly half (43%) of consumers said they said they had ordered an item for in-store pick up in the last six months, according to a February 2021 Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey of 1,052 shoppers, up from 41% a year earlier. And curbside showed major growth; 35% of shoppers used the service, compared with 13% a year earlier. Additionally, 28% had used a store’s pickup parking space, up from 17% a year earlier. And even more telling for retailers: many consumers…

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