With less than one month to go until the half-day livestreamed event on Thursday, May 20, our editors and researchers have hand-picked sessions attendees won’t want to miss.

Mark your calendars. Leading the 2021 Ecommerce Charge, the first of six live-streamed half-day events from Digital Commerce 360 this year, is rapidly approaching. With less than one month to go until the event on Thursday, May 20, our editors and researchers have hand-picked sessions attendees won’t want to miss.

Each of our moderators or interviewers has met with our roster of retailers to dig into the most pressing issues they plan to discuss in detail for each session.

Below are some session spotlights:

Our Curbside Story

Retailer: Jon Abt, co-president, Abt Electronics
Interviewer: April Berthene, Digital Commerce 360

Session notes:


Is launching curbside pickup really worth it if you only have a few stores? Electronics merchant Abt—which only has one store—says, without a doubt, yes. Abt co-president Jon Abt will share Abt’s curbside pickup story, such as why it decided to launch the feature, how popular it was and some tweaks it made to the program throughout the pandemic.

The Social Story

Retailer: Gretel Going, founder of Fortune & Frame
Interviewer: Tabitha Cassidy, Digital Commerce 360

Session notes:

Gretel Going, founder of personalized jewelry retailer Fortune & Frame, will discuss the ways she utilizes social media to grow a following, build a positive reputation for her brand and connect with customers. So far, organic social media tactics have worked best for the retailer. Fortune & Frame’s influencer marketing program is unique in that all of the influencers it works with are either earned influencer relationships where influencers talk about her brand naturally and organically because they like it—or real-life customers. The brand believes that this approach results in more authentic content that increases engagement. Fortune & Frame’s signature lockets have attracted fans like Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Hudson and Solange Knowles.


Panel: Focus on Fulfillment: From the distribution center to the doorstep—how retailers are delivering the goods


Bob Goodliffe, CEO, Cyberweld.com
Lev Peker, CEO and director, CarParts.com
Adam Greenberg, president and founder, NorthShore.com

Moderator: James Melton, Digital Commerce 360

Session Notes:


There will be much ground to cover in this 30-min jam-packed session.

Panelists plan to discuss:

  • Supply chain problems: The blocking of the Suez Canal made worse an already-stressed supply chain. Additionally, shortages of shipping containers are another serious issue.
  • Forecasting: On-and-off lockdowns and the uncertain timetable of stimulus checks are making demand tough to forecast.
  • Strained carriers: FedEx and UPS are still operating at full capacity, which makes it hard to improve shipping times. What used to ship in about 2.5 days now ships in five days.
  • Staffing up warehouses: Panelists cite a shortage of warehouse workers as another problem.

Leading the 2021 Ecommerce Charge is designed to pack as much ecommerce analysis, data and revenue-generating ideas into four fast-paced hours as possible. This first-of-its-kind interactive experience will premiere on Thursday, May 20, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. CST and feature research and data not yet released to the public, tactical advice on how to better manage digital operations and ecommerce trend predictions. It also will incorporate the real-life experiences of retailers into each conversation. Attendees will learn new strategies to quickly and creatively drive revenue in 2021 and beyond.

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