CheMondis, a European B2B marketplace that links buyers and sellers in the chemicals industry, still has designs on entering the U.S. market.

CheMondis began working with Elemica, a developer of digital supply chain applications, to roll out tools that create an ‘Amazon-like’ order management experience.
Sebastian Brenner, managing director, CheMondis

But the move into the U.S. chemicals sector, which generates annual sales of about $600 billion annually, will be a gradual one, says Sebastian Brenner, managing director of CheMondis, a German B2B marketplace and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cologne-based manufacturer Lanxess AG.

“We did exploratory and successful first steps into North America already with pilot customers,” Brenner says.

For now, CheMondis, which launched in late 2018, will continue to concentrate on Europe, where the marketplace currently has about 1,200 sellers, 3,500 buyers, and inventory of more than 45,000 products. It covers dozens of categories from absorbers and acidity regulators to wetting and leveling agents.

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