2020 has been a big year of Magecart attacks on ecommerce websites. And with holidays looming, online criminals are likely to become even more active.

In September, criminals using Magecart techniques attacked about 2,000 ecommerce sites using Magento 1 software—which, according to news reports, was the most massive Magecart attack ever, affecting tens of thousands of online consumers.

The September attack followed attacks on more than 570 ecommerce sites in 55 countries using Magento, WordPress and Shopify software from April 1 through July 7.

In mid-2020, Magecart became a daily occurrence for small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses worldwide, according to a July report from Gemini Advisory, a web security firm.

The Gemini report says more than 85% of the victim sites in the April-July attacks operated using outdated ecommerce platform software from Magento Commerce, the top target for Magecart attacks. The country hosting the largest selection of victimized ecommerce sites was the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the firm reported.

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