Fareway Stores Inc. says an online sourcing platform from RangeMe will help it build out its product lines for customers as they shift demand to more health and wellness products.

A growing 123-store Midwest grocery chain across six states, Fareway Stores Inc. is out to improve how it matches inventory to customer demand. And with customers showing more interest in health and wellness products, it figures it has a found a new online sourcing platform to fit the bill.


Clint Jenkins, vice president, wholesale purchasing, Fareway Stores Inc.

“With the new year fast approaching, we are committed to creating a personalized shopping experience for customers, with the added focus on how we can better help meet their needs,” says Clint Jenkins, Vice President of Wholesale Purchasing at Fareway. “So many of our customers are on a wellness journey and partnering with RangeMe opens up so many new possibilities to tailor products to help them meet their goals.”

The sourcing platform, from RangeMe, is designed to help merchants discover suppliers and products by standardizing and organizing product data to make it easier for buyers to find particular types of items from suitable suppliers. The online platform provides Fareway with the ability to source products from and collaborate with more than 200,000 suppliers.

Buyers can access the RangeMe platform to see detailed product information, such as packaging dimensions and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price, as well as such supplier information as social media strategy and product certifications, RangeMe says.


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