Email isn’t sexy. It isn’t viral like TikTok. It isn’t chock-full of perfectly filtered, scrollable images like Instagram. And you can’t use it stalk your ex-boyfriend’s, B-list celebrity third cousin through it like you can on Facebook.

But it works as a marketing channel for online retailers.

Just ask Esme Hovekamp, director of marketing at high-end home furnishing brand, Jonathan Adler. She says email is one of the merchant’s strongest digital marketing channels. Everyone talks about how email is dying,” Hovekamp says. “But for us, we’re getting a really huge lift right now from email. It’s one of our top-top performing channels.”

Jonathan Adler launched its first flagship store in Soho in New York City in 1998 and now operates eight stores in the U.S and London, as well as ecommerce sites in the United States and the U.K.

The merchant, which began using email marketing technology firm Listrak in October 2019, has generated an 85% increase in traffic from email to its site since employing the vendor. Additionally, conversions…

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