The holiday season was smooth sailing for online retailer Sailrite Enterprises Inc.

Online holiday sales increased roughly the same amount as they did last year and kept pace with‘s year-over-year sales increases, which is a low double-digit percent, says owner and vice president Matt Grant. He attributes the sales growth steadiness to a few factors, including proper inventory planning. sells fabric, canvas, sewing machines, do-it-yourself sewing kits and sewing tools. It also manufactures its own sewing machines and fabrics. Its products are geared toward the marine market and boat owners who want to make their own sail or boat upholstery.

Thus, the holiday season is not Sailrite’s busy season; however, it does have large increased demand in several products during the holiday season, such as stocking stuffers like tools. Plus, the retailer will bundle certain products together and market it as a gift set, such as a fabric marking kit. It also has increased demand for its large sewing machines during the holidays, as this is one of the few times a year they are on sale, Grant says. He estimates Sailrite sells 100% more sewing machines when they are on sale during the holiday season compared with a normal day.

For the 2019 holiday season season, Sailrite planned for this increased demand much earlier than in years past. …

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