In today’s highly competitive ecommerce environment, retailers need to develop every revenue stream they can and deploy appropriate cutting-edge technologies quickly. To discuss how search and machine-learning technologies can help retailers meet, or even exceed, their sales goals, Digital Commerce 360 spoke with Diane Burley, vice president of content at Lucidworks, a search platform provider.

IR: What mistakes do retailers often make with their search functions?

DB: Many ecommerce sites believe they can add search to their site and walk away. They either don’t understand or fail to consider the need to monitor their site to make adjustments. As such, their sites’ revenue performance diminishes over time as the market, customers and products change.

Retailers forget that when consumers use the search bar, they intend to make a purchase. If the their search results feature irrelevant items—or worse, no items at all—they are inviting these potential customers to leave.

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