When the Wall Street Journal reported in September that Amazon.com Inc. planned to open dozens of grocery stores under a new brand, Amazon was not ready to talk about it.

“Amazon doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in response to a request to confirm the Journal’s reporting. Since then, Amazon has released information that shows its long-rumored plan to launch a new grocery store chain is in the works.

Amazon recently began advertising for employees to run a new grocery store in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. On its hiring website, Amazon refers to the new store—which so far is unnamed—as its “first grocery store,” which suggest there may be more stores to come. For now, Amazon is only confirming plans for that location.

The official story so far: “Amazon is opening a grocery store in Woodland Hills in 2020,” the Amazon spokeswoman said via email on Tuesday. But Amazon’s online recruiting indicates the company plans to open more than one store.

On its recruiting website, Amazon posted a listing for a grocery district manager to work from a “virtual location” in California. Also related to “Amazon’s first grocery store” are Seattle-based positions, including a learning experience designer – grocery physical stores and an instructional designer – grocery physical stores. All of those jobs could be related to the single store in Woodland Hills—or part of a plan to staff several new grocery stores in 2020.

Amazon will not say how many or what kinds of grocery stores it plans to open next year. But we know a little about what the grocery chain will not be.

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