The Facebook Inc.-owned social network is running a test that allows select brands to add a reminder sticker to their Instagram Stories and reminder product tags for posts in feed.

Instagram is testing new features that let brands remind their followers about upcoming product launches so shoppers can buy those products directly on Instagram as soon as they are available.

The Facebook Inc.-owned social network’s latest test allows select brands to add a reminder sticker to their Instagram Stories and reminder product tags for posts in feed. The reminder tags enable brands to provide their followers with product details, as well as offer them the option to receive notifications once the product is available via Instagram’s Checkout option.

The move is the latest step by the Facebook Inc.-owned social network to build on Checkout, the Instagram feature the platform announced earlier this year that lets a shopper complete her transaction without leaving the social network.

“People follow their favorite brands and creators—all kinds of tastemakers—to keep up with these interests and discover new products,” Instagram writes in a blog post. “Brands and creators connect with shoppers eager to have those products the instant they’re available. The convergence of these activities make Instagram the place where collaborations and limited releases happen.”

A number of prominent retailers are taking part in the test, including Adidas, No. 36 in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000, H&M, No. 29, and Warby Parker, No. 167. And the test aims to appeal to brands, such as streetwear retailer Chinatown Market, that often use “drops,” or limited-edition sales, to drive sales.


“Drops are a key part of streetwear, and we’re excited to evolve the industry together with Instagram,” says Dan Altmann, president of Chinatown Market. “From going live on Instagram to designing shirts with our fans to posting Stories around the office, Instagram is the main place we connect with our fans. We were excited to jump on Checkout, and the response has been incredible with our first drop selling out in seconds. Now, the ability to set reminders will allow our fans to be notified and make the process even more seamless than it already is.”

With more of these shopping moments happening on Instagram, the social network is looking to make it easier for consumers to discover and follow upcoming product launches from brands and creators they love, the social network writes in a blog post. “The product launch sticker in Instagram Stories and product launch tag in feed lets people set reminders for the launch date, preview product details and buy as soon as a product is available without leaving Instagram.”