As a worldwide supplier of agricultural, industrial, food-service and other products, Cargill Inc. has an ongoing effort to improve how it connects through digital commerce with channel partners and customers.

Working on a flexible ecommerce platform, Cargill Inc. is improving how it serves customers and works with channel partners, Taye Mohler, founder of Cargill’s Digital Experience Office, said at a B2B Next 2019 workshop.

Cargill is building out its ecommerce connections on a Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, which integrates with the Salesforce customer relationship management system, Mohler said at the workshop, “Winning with Digital Commerce in the Age of the Connected B2B Customer.” The workshop was sponsored by Salesforce.

Among its improvement projects, Cargill is working with its sales reps to improve how customers can place reorders through reps or via self-service, and how reps can help customers and channel partners with information ranging from innovative food recipes to how to deal with tariffs resulting from trade wars.

In addition, Cargill’s vision is to build out a flexible ecommerce platform that can support direct sales to customers, B2B2C sales to major retailers who then sell to consumers, and sales to major distributors who sell to other businesses.

“We’re still learning and testing,” Mohler said. She added that Cargill has initially focused on the more simple transactions before taking on more complex orders.


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