True Value Company LLC wants to give shoppers as much information as they need to make a purchase.

And for the hardware retailer, that means having helpful images on the product detail page in the form of 360-degree spins. The rotating product uses 20 static images stitched together so a shopper can view the product from different angles as its spins. A shopper also can zoom in on the product from a different angle.

Dave Elliott, senior vice president of marketing at True Value, wants to give shoppers an elevated customer experience—whether that is in stores or online. After working with 360-degree product spins at a previous job and seeing photography vendor Snap36 at the annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, he knew how valuable this feature can be to online shoppers. replatformed its ecommerce site in April 2018 onto the Magento platform. After that initiative, the retailer had confidence that it could easily integrate the imaging software into its new platform, compared with its old platform that was difficult to manage, Elliott says.

The retailer began adding the 360-degree images in the summer of 2018 and now has the feature for 3,000 of its SKUs. While this is a mere 4% of its online SKUs, True Value is already happy with the results.

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