CVS has been building up its top leadership to head up e-commerce, digital healthcare and technology. These hires for CVS include a new chief digital executive and a new chief information officer.

The big news from CVS Health lately has been the announcement on its year-end earnings call that the retail drugstore and healthcare services company plans to spend up to $350 million in 2019 expanding digital healthcare.

But on a much quieter note, CVS also has been building up its top leadership to head up ecommerce, digital healthcare and technology. These days CVS has a new chief digital executive and a new chief information officer.

In the company’s just published annual report and on, CVS has named Joshua M. Flum, who joined CVS in 2004, to executive vice president, enterprise strategy and digital. CVS also has named Roshan Navagamuwa, formerly senior vice president of client services, as its new chief information officer.

Both promotions come from within the organization. Flum replaces Brian Tilzer, who left CVS in May to assume a new post as chief digital and technology officer for Best Buy Co. Inc. in Minneapolis. Navagamuwa replaces Stephen Gold who resigned and left the company in 2017.

As chief digital officer, Flum is responsible for accelerating growth through long-term strategic and market development initiatives, partnerships, investments, acquisitions and digital experiences, the retailer says. He also will oversee “organizational alignment on the positioning of CVS Health in the changing healthcare marketplace and in identifying new market opportunities and business models.”


Prior to his new role, Flum was executive vice president of pharmacy service.

As CIO, Navagamuwa will oversee all of the technology operations of CVS Health, which now includes health insurer Aetna.

CVS completed its $70 billion acquisition of Aetna in November. This year Navagamuwa also will play a key role in deciding how CVS will spend between $325 million and $350 million on various types of technology as it aims to transform a network of about 9,700 stores into healthcare shopping and services facilities.

Navagamuwa joined CVS in 2012 as vice president of government services.


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