Internet Retailer’s newest research report reveals the most popular ecommerce platforms used by Top 1000 retailers and provides exclusive data, analysis, case studies and more.


That’s the percentage of online retailers that listed ecommerce platforms as a top three investment priority in the coming year, according to an August Internet Retailer survey of 183 retailers, the No. 1 response.

Retailers are investing in platforms because ecommerce sites are arguably the most important technology for online retailers. They are the foundation of an e-retail business. For shoppers, the ecommerce site is the face of a retailer and for merchants, ecommerce platforms need to be easy to work with, modify and customize. And they need to function—without fail.

Consumers are buying products and services just about everywhere today and merchants want help from ecommerce platform vendors to capture those sales. In fact, 90% of retailers planning to switch ecommerce platforms plan to use an outside vendor for their new sites.

However, launching or re-platforming an e-commerce site can be costly. In fact, in the Internet Retailer survey, of the 21% surveyed who plan to move e-commerce platforms, 37% plan to spend more than $100,000 on the project and 10% plan to spend $500,000-$1 million. Merchants shelling out such ample funds want a site that is flexible and easy to change when needed. The good news for e-retailers is that there are a lot of vendors clamoring for the dollars those retailers intend to spend on platforms. Ecommerce platform providers are launching a slew of new services and tools to appeal to online retailers that want help managing this critical piece of their businesses. Meanwhile, new philosophies and approaches to building and maintaining ecommerce sites, such as microservices, hint at a whole new chapter in ecommerce platforms that may bring about unprecedented agility and flexibility.


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