A shopper can choose from 8,000 designs on Joann.com and launch the customization tool in her browser to customize the color and size of a pattern.

Fabric and crafting supplies retailer Joann has launched MyFabric, a program on Joann.com that allows consumers to customize their own fabric.

The retailer worked with fabric customization software company WeaveUp to implement the service. Shoppers choose from 8,000 designs on Joann.com/MyFabric and select “Customize Design” to launch the tool in her browser in which she can customize the color, size and repeat of the pattern—for example, if there are four arrow designs on the fabric, the consumer can change it so the pattern is repeated more often or in a different direction. She also can choose from several fabric types as well, including velvet, wool, silk and cotton.

“For 75 years, our customers have sewed, quilted, upholstered and crafted as a way to express themselves, but they could only choose from the fabric designs, colors and weights that were available,” says Steve Miller, senior vice president of marketing at Joann. “MyFabric opens the door to a new era of creativity and brings an added layer of handmade individuality.”

Joann does not manufacture or print the fabric created in the MyFabric service. Instead, the craft supplies retailer works with printing manufacturers who source fabrics that are specialized to best display the customized digitally printed designs and colors, a spokeswoman for Joann says.


Customized fabrics are printed to order based on the shoppers’ designs using specialized digital fabric printing machines, the spokeswoman says. “Our vendors are utilizing existing spaces to support MyFabric—new facilities have not been implemented at this time,” she says.

“Joann is the first major retailer to offer this range of designs and fabrics,” says Flint Davis, president of WeaveUp. The software provider also works with shades and blinds retailer Springs Windows Fashion and industrial and hospitality fabrics provider Valley Forge Fabrics, among other fabric manufacturers.

Joann plans to expand MyFabric’s capabilities sometime in the first half of 2019 to enable consumers to upload and order fabrics with their own designs, the Joann spokeswoman says.

Joann is No. 363 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500.