Eaton Vehicle, a $3.3 billion division of Eaton Corp. that manufactures automotive products like clutches, transmissions and engine valves, is driving up its online sales.

A big supplier of motor vehicle transmission and other parts to the automotive industry is taking a fresh approach to B2B e-commerce.

The new website is an integral part of providing our customers more real-time information and making it easy to do business with Eaton’s aftermarket business.

Eaton Vehicle, a $3.3 billion division of powers systems equipment maker Eaton Corp. that manufactures transmissions, clutches and other key components of motor vehicles, has launched a new e-commerce site to sell its replacement parts. Eaton Vehicle, a supplier of parts for car and trucks from nine auto manufacturers, also makes hybrid power systems, superchargers, engine valves, valve actuation systems, cylinder heads and emission control systems.


Tim Bauer, vice president, aftermarket, Eaton Vehicle Group North America

The new B2B website,, features updated and more detailed product information and new product selector tools from nearly 30 categories, ranging from emission controls to clutches and brakes. Other updated features let registered account users see current inventory levels, track order history and shipments, and reprint invoices or locate distributors.

“The new website and capabilities are an integral part of providing our customers more real-time information and making it easy to do business with Eaton’s aftermarket business,” says Tim Bauer, Eaton Vehicle Group North America vice president, aftermarket.


Eaton already has an existing B2B infrastructure in place for distributors that includes Vistaline for online order entry, order inquiry, product inquiry, invoicing, credit memos and rebates and Bid Manager, a web-based product configuration and quote-generation system.

Eaton Vehicle has yet to release certain details on the new B2B website, such as the number of available products and users, annual e-commerce sales and if the division used any commercial e-commerce services providers.

B2B e-commerce on the rise

But B2B e-commerce is a priority for Eaton Vehicle, Bauer says. “E-commerce will continue to become a bigger part of how aftermarket customers source products, run their businesses, and learn about our current and new products,” he says. “We will continue to see the aftermarket business evolve to a 24/7 information model, and a broad and comprehensive Eaton e-commerce platform is a critical component in ensuring we are part of the solution—once we connect electronically to our customers, there will be a stronger reliance on each other for success.”

Eaton Vehicle has 49 facilities located on six continents, operates four regional technical centers in the United States, Czech Republic, China and India, and has approximately 15,000 employees. Customers include such vehicle manufacturers as Chrysler, Dana, Ford and General Motors.


Last year sales for Eaton Vehicle totaled $3.33 billion, an increase of 5.7% from $3.15 billion in 2016.

The Eaton Vehicle division is based in Galesburg, Michigan. The parent company, with $20.40 billion in annual sales, is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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