The ad format is similar to the carousel ads that appear on Facebook, Instagram, Google and across the internet.

Pinterest on Wednesday rolled out a new ad format called promoted carousel ads that enable retailers and other advertisers to feature up to five images within one pin. The retailers already using the format include luggage retailer Away, No. 657 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500; clothing retailer Everlane, No. 282; shoe retailer DSW Inc., No. 153; and outdoor gear retailer REI, No. 72.

The ad format—which is similar to the carousel ads that appear on Facebook, Instagram, Google and across the internet—provide brands with more room to highlight products, lifestyle images and videos in a single ad. For example, in testing the format, REI used promoted carousel ads to present consumers with multiple products and experiences in a single ad. The campaign generated “strong” engagement and boosted its click-through rate by 32% compared with other Pinterest ads, says Jaclyn Ruckle, the retailer’s social media manager.

Each card within the ad can feature a different image, title, description and landing page. Like Pinterest’s other ads, promoted carousel ads feature distinctive dots below the image. The ads may appear in the Pinterest home feed, related pins or search. A user can swipe through the cards from within the feed or tap on the card to see the website and swipe further.

Promoted carousel ads are now available for all Pinterest business accounts around the globe.

The new format aims to help Pinterest attract more ad dollars. Only 24.0% of retailers advertise on the platform, according to Internet Retailer’s 2018 Digital Marketing Survey report. That’s little changed from last year when 26.3% of merchants said they advertised on the platform. In contrast, 80.0% of retailers advertise on Facebook, according to 2018 survey and 93.4% of retailers said they advertised on Facebook in 2017.