Internet Retailer’s newest research report includes exclusive rankings, data and analysis of the top e-commerce technology providers to the Top 1000.

There’s a rising tide amid online retailers today. You might call it the reverse or anti-DIY movement. Merchants are opting to delegate technology tasks—from operating e-commerce platforms to automating marketing to squeezing the most value out of email—to vendors that specialize in each technology. Many retailers today are opting to buy rather than build.

In an August 2018 Internet Retailer survey of 183 e-commerce executives, 66% of retailers said they opt to use a vendor when implementing new technology rather than build it in-house. In our survey last year, 51% of retailers who said they planned to increase their e-commerce technology spending planned to buy technology from a vendor. In this year’s survey, among those opting for outside vendor help when implementing technology, 65%, said it’s because they don’t have the technology expertise in-house, the most popular answer. 47%, the next-most popular reason, said it’s because vendors are specialized in their fields (respondents could choose more than one answer).

As merchants more often opt to look beyond their workforce for technology, it’s more important than ever for them to stay abreast of the ever-changing changing e-commerce vendor landscape. Internet Retailer’s just-released 2019 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 helps retailers do just that. In this report, we rank in more than 30 categories the Top 10 vendors used by Internet Retailer Top 1000 retailers, offer real-world examples of how a range of vendor services are paying off for merchants, share data from an exclusive Internet Retailer survey of merchants and more.

Here is what you get in this 91-page PDF report:

  • Data from an exclusive survey of 183 e-retailers about their vendors and technology plans
  • The Top 10 leading vendors to retailers in the Top 1000 across more than 30 categories
  • Charts featuring the biggest mergers and acquisitions in e-commerce tech over 2017-2018
  • Exclusive interviews with zulily, The Home Depot Inc. and more
  • Charts on who in the Top 1000 is building vs. buying e-commerce platforms
  • 11 charts revealing trends and data on the e-commerce vendor landscape
  • Case studies on e-commerce platforms, cloud computing, analytics and more

The 2019 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 E-Retailers is available to Digital Commerce 360 Gold and Platinum members as part of their paid memberships.