The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is putting a spotlight on the fast-growing e-cigarette and vaping industry and is considering more regulations of these products, including banning all online sales of e-cigarettes and banning flavored vape products.

Vaping, which is when a consumer inhales vapor from an e-cigarette, has increased in popularity, especially among minors. In an official statement and in various media interviews, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said e-cigarette use among teenagers has reached an “epidemic proportion” and is growing, which is why the FDA is considering more restrictions.

Several online retailers and manufacturers of vaping-related products agree that their products should not be in the hands of minors; however, say banning the online sale of all vaping-related products or even just flavors is not the solution.

“[The FDA] poses as an existential threat to the entire vaping industry worldwide,” says James Finn, director of e-commerce at vape products retailer and manufacturer Cloud Chemistry LLC.

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